Fishing Boat 25-Jun-42

Patrol 1, Day 19

These convoys of supposedly non-combatant ships are becoming embarrassingly obvious.  This time we have 4 in a column, two sampans, and 2 fishing boats. sighted at 1820 hours at Long 152° 26′ E, Lat   4° 58′ S. Seems like the more we sink, the bigger the little flotillas become. As it is after sundown, we […]

Patrol 1, Day 18

250825  JUN 1942- Clouds: Clear, Precipitation: None, Fog: Light Winds: None. We’ve spotted another covert patrol.  Two large sampans and one fishing boat at 0630 hours.  Again, I elected to make a submerged approach both to help train the crew and to use the element of surprise to quickly dispatch the enemy. Thanks to clearer […]

Patrol 1, Day 17

No shipping sighted. Aircraft spotted on SD radar 1805 hours.  Ordered us to a depth of 150 and maintained depth for 1 hour.  Surfaced and found skys clear. The hunt continues around the west end of New Ireland.

Akita 22-jun-42

Patrol 1, Day 16

While we haven’t seen any more merchant traffic coming toward Rabaul, the watch spotted a large sampan at 1345 hours, and I decided it would be a good exercise to stalk it.  Radar made no report on the target, but given a sampan’s small size that’s hardly surprising. I order us to periscope depth, all […]

Patrol 1, Day 15

220429 JUN 1942 – Clouds: Clear, Precipitation: None, Fog: Light Winds: 10kts @ 150 I was awoken at 0420 by LTJG Skywalker informing me of a radar contact north of our position.  By the time I arrived in the Control Room, RM2 Bryne had determined that it was on a true course roughly east and […]

Patrol 1, Day 11

After a few unproductive days in The Slot, we have received orders to proceed to the northern Solomon Sea.  I hope that once on station we will have orders that will allow me the latitude to proceed west of of Blanche Bay as I suspect we’ll find heavy traffic there in and out of Rabaul, […]

Allied Ship 7-Jun-42

Patrol 1, Day 1

We set out today from Brisbane, and I find I have full faith in the courage and skill of the crew under my new command. I wish the same could be said for the boat herself.  As we made preparations to get underway, I could not help but notice, with no small degree of envy, […]