What this site is, and what it is not

First and foremost, this is not a site containing real historical accounts.  For information about real submarines and submariners, please see the list of “Real World Links” to the left.

I am not now nor have I ever been a member of the US or any other Navy, and this site is not meant to trivialize the very real service and sacrifice of those men who served in the Silent Service during World War II.

I grew up in Baltimore Maryland where the USS Torsk (SS423) has been on public display as a museum ship since 1972.  I made many visits to it as a boy and it’s sheer gravity as a physical object was only further galvanized by the many stories I heard of life during WWII from my grandfather.  He did not serve in the USN, but he did help as an engineer to design many things that helped us win the war.

I don’t think I could help but develop a fascination with these boats and this period in history (I further developed a fascination with aircraft of the era as well) and as technology and simulation has advanced, I have found myself taking brief and admittedly safe journeys in my computer and my imagination onto the high seas of the Pacific.

This site is the result of my decision to indulge my creativity, and to create an online log book of my digital adventures but rest assured that it is borne on the greatest respect for those who truly accomplished the REAL great victories and endured the REAL suffering and defeats of life in the Silent Service.


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