These convoys of supposedly non-combatant ships are becoming embarrassingly obvious.  This time we have 4 in a column, two sampans, and 2 fishing boats. sighted at 1820 hours at Long 152° 26′ E, Lat   4° 58′ S.

Seems like the more we sink, the bigger the little flotillas become.

As it is after sundown, we make a surface run on the lot.  The crew open fire less then 5 minutes later.  Good practice for longer range shots and acquiring targets in low light conditions.

The surprise this time around was one of the little fishing boats was feeling a bit feisty and began directing small arms fire against us.  We prosecuted the crew of that particular boat with extreme prejudice.  There were no survivors.

The other vessels also launched life boats, but as the presented no threat of hostile fire, we let them pass.

All vessels sank between 1831 and 1835 hours.

As of today I have also been informed that some of our provisions have prematurely spoiled.  This combined by repeated issues with the main cables lead me to decide to order us back to Darwin.