250825  JUN 1942-

  • Clouds: Clear, Precipitation: None, Fog: Light
  • Winds: None.

We’ve spotted another covert patrol.  Two large sampans and one fishing boat at 0630 hours.  Again, I elected to make a submerged approach both to help train the crew and to use the element of surprise to quickly dispatch the enemy.

Thanks to clearer skies we got an eyeball on them from further out this time.

Once again we made a submerged approach and tracked them with the TDC.  This time we came up abeam of the column and with all three lined up off our bow like a line of clay pipes in a shooting gallery!

The boys made quick work of the trio, sinking two at 0714 hours, and the last at 0716 hours by my watch.

Life rafts with survivors were spotted from the first sampan and the fishing boat, the last sampan appeared to go down with all hands aboard.

We will continue on to the south east, along the north shore of New Ireland in the hopes of finding more of Rabaul’s traffic.  With the build up going on down on Guadalcanal, there must be more men and material coming in from the Jap mainland.