Project Venture Box Score

Launches Debris Satellites Probes
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Venture project attempted to launch probes to explore Münar space and to expand our understanding of space beyond LKO.

Venture 1 & 2

The Venture series started with a whimper. Two consecutive failures caused a halt in further launches and a review.

despite our earlier success[es]…better technology and understanding of predicting orbits was needed.

Following that review it was decided to upgrade our tracking ability. This was already desirable and planned to allow for future tracking of the Avant-Garde probe as it leaves the Kerbin system and heads into interplanetary space. While Venture 1 and 2 did provide valuable data, their wide miss of the Mün made it apparent that despite our earlier success with the ATMOS series, better technology and understanding of predicting orbits was needed.

Venture 3

It was hard work well rewarded as Venture 3 became the first Kerbal satellite to establish itself in a stable orbit around the Mün. Sadly, an on board electrical failure prevented the reception of any scientific data from the probe, but it was a resounding success none the less!

Venture 4

Venture 4 proved the new Chryslus launcher worked as expected, placing the probe on the correct trajectory for a münar flyby. Sadly battery failure would prevent us from receiving the photographs and other data planned to be collected. Engineering teams have been assigned to improve the new “Solar Battery” technology in an attempt to make it possible to launch probes so equipped to the Mün and beyond.

Venture 5

Technically a repeat of venture 4 but with a redesigned, solar powered, probe. It succeeded in transmitting scientific data and photo graphs after a record setting pass within 11 km of the Mün.