Project Prinzipal Box Score
Launches Debris Satellites Probes
5 4 4 0

Prinzipal is an ongoing series of missions to fulfill commercial contracts. Payloads launched, and occasionally the boosters that launch them, are supplied by the client.

Voyager II

While the Voyager II probe it’s self was a KSC project, it’s orbit was determined by FLOOYD Dynamics as a proof of KSC ability to place a satellite in a designated orbit for future contracts. (It’s stats are not reflected in the Prinzipal box score)


Initial Launch of the program sponsored by OMB – a simple doppler satellite launched for keodetic surveys.

Prinzipal II

Second observational satellite launched for OMB containing temperature sensors and on-board data storage.

Prinzipal III

Kerbstar communications satellite launched for C7 Aerospace – ended up in incorrect orbit.

Prinzipal IV

Kerbstar (2) communications satellite launched for C7 Aerospace.

Prinzipal V

Crashed off shore of KSC when Muo core stage exploded in flight.