Project Avant-Garde Box Score

Launches Debris Satellites Probes
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Avant-Garde was KSC’s first deliberate attempt to launch craft beyond our atmosphere.

Even tho OMGWTF appear in the official launch log, there were no previous attempts, officially. All details surrounding OMGWTF, like those of the infamous Cephalopod Incident, are classified.

All details surrounding OMGWTF … are classified.

Of all the probes launched only the first one, Avant-Garde I (also known as Avant-Garde or AG1), has not returned to Kerbin. AG1 is instead headed to interplanetary space as a result of an upper stage malfunction.

The AG series had several stated goals; To test theories regarding the viability of orbiting the planet, to test the ability to communicate with such artificial satellites, and to find an application for Bluedog Design Bureau’s Directed Explosive Tubes – henceforth known as “rockets”.