Launches Debris Satellites Probes

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ATMospheric and Orbital Survey

A series of probes to explore the upper atmosphere and the realm just beyond the Kerman Line.

Boasting an impressive 100% sucess rate, this series of probes sought to return data about the very edge of Kerbin’s atmosphere. ATMOS 1, 3, 4, 5 were suborbital flights collecting data from various altitudes while ATMOS 2 was placed in a very low orbit to investigate conditions just above the outer reaches of our atmosphere.

In addition to the active sensors and transmitter the probes spherical design allows R&D and Tracking Station personnel to track the satellite monitoring the drag effects of our atmosphere on the probe regardless of aspect.

…the probes spherical design allows … monitoring the drag effects of our atmosphere.

Through this, Doctor Norm Kerman has been able to declare 70km above sea level to be the definitive limit of Kerbin’s atmosphere – the so called “Kerman Line”.