The Viklun launch vehicle is the very first rocket provided by BDB, a small and cheap launcher able to loft only the lightest of payloads. Viklun consists of a Viking-50 powered first stage and an Alpha second stage, which is optimized for vacuum use only.

The Alpha powered 2nd stage can be provided with any combination of 2 different fuel tanks, and can be supplemented by the Aquilae SRM 3rd stage.

While the power of the Viking-50 sets the maximum payload that can be lofted, these additional stages can provide a wide range of possible high apoapsis and / or high inclination orbits.

Technical Overview

Height – Varies with stages and payload
Mass ≈ 6.3t for average configurations
Diameter ≈ 1.3m
Stages – 2 to 3

Viklun 50
Thrust (ASL): 69.118 kN
Thrust (Vac.): 75.0 kN

Thrust (ASL): 10.667 kN
Thrust (Vac.): 12.0 kN

Thrust (ASL): 1.477 kN
Thrust (Vac.): 6.08 kN

Sample Configurations