ROSUETTE is a small launcher designed and manufactured by BDB’s overseas affiliates. It combines a liquid first stage with two solid upper stages. Like other BDB upper stage solid motors, they include SAFESOLID™ technology to allow more precise burns.

Technical Overview

Height – 14.1 m
Mass – 8.34 t
Diameter – 2.3 m
Stages – 2 to 3
Stage 1
Rosuette-175 “Vixen”
Thrust (ASL): 140.877 kN
Thrust (Vac.): 160.0 kN
Stage 2
Rosuette-107 “Topaz”
Thrust (ASL): 32.961 kN
Thrust (Vac.): 48.0 kN
Stage 3 (optional)
Rosuette-64 “Snooky”
Thrust (ASL): 14.421 kN
Thrust (Vac.): 21.0 kN

Rosuette Augmented