Originally designed as an intermediate ballistic missile, the Fenris has been adapted for use as a light-medium launcher for probes and satellites.

Forces inside BDB have vested interests in the continued use of the launcher, despite outside criticisms. As a result it has been continuously modified with numerous variants to meet the changing demands of our customers.

These variants include, but are not limited to, the Fenris Belle, Fenris Alpha, and Fenris Alphastar.

Technical Overview

Height – 12.4m
Mass – 13.6t
Diameter – 2.1m
Stages – 2 typ.

Fenris-215 “Odin”
Thrust (ASL): 180.9 kN
Thrust (Vac.): 205.0 kN

Thrust (ASL): 9.842 kN (min)
Thrust (Vac.): 33.0 kN (min)

Thrust (ASL): 10.667 kN
Thrust (Vac.): 12.0 kN

Thrust (ASL): 5.504 kN
Thrust (Vac.): 18.0 kN