One of the earliest missiles developed, the SANDSTONE, known as ETOH in its civilian variants, runs on an exciting mix of oxygen and alcohol. While fairly under-powered in terms of thrust and ISP, which limits it’s possibilities for expansion, it is fairly cheap and available in large supply.

Though limited, expansion is possible, through the addition of Vicenza, or Satevis upper stages.

With the Vicenza the Etoh becomes a 4 stage launcher with a cluster of 11 motors in the 2nd stage, a cluster of 3 in the 3rd stage, and a single Vicenza SRM as the 4th stage. The 4th stage can either be seperable from, or integrated with the payload.

Technical Overview

Height – 10.6m
Mass – 10.74t (w/o fairing)
Diameter – 2.8m
Stages – 1 to 4

Etoh-150 “Sandstone”
Thrust (ASL): 128.98 kN
Thrust (Vac.): 143.0 kN

HLR-291 “Vicenza”
Thrust (ASL): 4.291 kN
Thrust (Vac.): 5.6 kN

Staara-31-III “Satevis”
Thrust (ASL): 4.228 kN
Thrust (Vac.): 17.9 kN