ID Mission Name Date LV Name Orbital Data Mission Summary
2.01 Janus 3 Target Vehicle 1/24/02 Muo 102 x 106 km; 0.0° Centaur Stage for boosting Janus into Münar flyby.
2.02 Janus 3 1/24/02 Prometheus 101 x 102km; 0.0° Reentry 1/26/02: Valentina and Liu Kerman successfully perform Münar flyby returning data and photos to Kerbin.
2.03 Prinzipal V 4/27/02 Muo N/a Failed to reach orbit; prematurely ejected fairing destroyed Muo core stage.
2.04 Principal VI 5/23/02 Muo 230 x 281km; 175° Munar Orbit; Returned Mystery Goo observations.
2.05 Wanderer 4 6/02/02 Muo-Belle 370 x 826km; 128° Munar Orbit; Delivered impactor probe to the surface while the main probe remains in orbit as a comm relay.