Ted Thompson

Burbank, Calif USA

I started off in the world of Electronic Organs and Pipe Organs, gradually expanding my experience to encompass the electronic, mechanical, and artistic.

My muse has led me far and wide, from the restoration of antique and vintage musical instruments, to 3D modeling, to coding, website, and graphic design.

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This Site

This is my attempt at creative writing, and to chronicle my progress in Kerbal Space Program. Like many other AAR websites, I hope to entertain, perhaps to amaze, or even inspire.

Unlike many other games, this one actually has a few things to teach you. While you’re trying to see how fast you can land on the Moon (ok Mün…) it’s tricking you into learning some physics and the science doesn’t stop there!

And speaking of science, you can blame Fallout for my constant use of SCIENCE! on this site. It amuses me that in so many games, this one included, SCIENCE! is a commodity, like stone, or oil…. But this game teaches you science, while you’re trying to collect SCIENCE!

Get it?

Real World Project Analogs

Since this is a bit of an “Alternate History” blog, the following is a list to help you (and me to be honest) identify what real world program my “projects” are inspired by or riffing on.

My Project Real World Analog
Avante-Garde Vanguard
Atmos Astérix (sorta)
Voyager Explorer / Mariner
Venture Pioneer
Hermes Mercury
Wanderer Ranger
Prinzipal Diapason but it became somewhat miscellaneous.
Janus Gemini