Taking the U out of UFO

Y2:D45 – KSC announced today that the previously reported UFO found by their tracking station has been identified, and that it’s occupant has been rescued!

Using valuable knowledge gained during the Janus III flyby of the Mün and a craft hastily assembled using the latest Prometheus parts from BDB, KSC managed to mount a mission to rendezvous with the mysterious object.

On approach, the pilot ██████ reported it to be a small capsule similar to our own Mk1 designs. Contact was established and it was determined that it was occupied by one ██████, who was taken aboard our craft and returned to Kerbin a few days later.

What can not be explained however, is HOW the craft came to be in space, let alone in such an orbit. KSC is the only known institution on Kerbin launching craft into space, and neither this mystery craft nor it’s pilot are known to KSC. There is no record of a launch, and no file on ██████. Further, officials claim that since her return, ██████ has claimed to have NO memory of any events prior to her being stranded in orbit and desperately calling for help.

We will be following this story, as it unfolds.