That’s No Moon!

Y1:D14 – Last night KSC put in frantic phone calls to various top level personnel recalling them to the center. While details are limited at this time, we can report that an unknown object had been spotted by our astronomers.

Unknown Object Beyond the Mün

At first there was some assumption that it was a flaw in the equipment, grit in the lens or similar. However after a full check out it was determined that, like Minmus, it was in fact real.

The calls went out and before long officials had determined that it is orbiting Kerbin just beyond the orbit of the Mün. While it’s not unusual to discover some new object in the sky, it is unheard of that we would spot something right next door, celestially speaking.

KSC is presently training all of it’s attention toward the object, but insists that this will not affect the next launch some 10 days from now.