Janus 3 Heads To The Mün!

Y2:D24 – Janus 3 launched a few hours after it’s Inon target vehicle as planned. A few hours later the two were docked together and ready for their mission.

Once all was ready and the target vehicle had checked out OK, KSC made the stunning announcement that the mission would be to fly to the Mün!

It will not be landing, or even entering orbit, but will make a “fly-by” flight where it will pass behind the Mün and using it’s gravity, be flung back toward Kerbin again.

Armed with cameras, the crew of Valentina and Liu Kerman will take photographs and record their observations.

Especially harrowing will be the “blackout” that will occur as the capsule passes behind the great rocky body which will block radio transmissions until it emerges on the other side.